NICOLA  PRAGERA  was born in 1973 in Heidelberg, Germany.
Prageras work has been exhibited in several solo and group exhibitions.


1991            Melnikow Gallery,  Heidelberg, Germany

1992            Galerie Wälti, Munich, Germany

1992            Galeria Orlits,  Sevilla,  Spain

1994            Biebrich Castle, Wiesbaden,  Germany

1999            Reichstag, Berlin,  Germany   (Art-Project Timeless)

2000            Townhall Wiesbaden,  Wiesbaden,  Germany

2000            Chamber of Industry and Commerce,  Frankfurt,  Germany

2000            Townhall Dortmund,  Dortmund,  Germany

2001            Lamy Galeria,  Heidelberg,  Germany

2002            Museum for Technology, Boeing 747, Speyer,  Germany  

2014            Technology Park,  Heidelberg,  Germany

2016            Streets of Berlin, Berlin, Germany (Streetart Projekt)